Blueberry Branch Tutorial

In this tutorial what I’m gonna be showing you is how to make a blueberry branch. This means blueberry fruits and leaves and how to assemble them together in a branch.

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You can use them as fillers to decorate cakes or in a bigger hand-made flower bouquet.

What you'll learn
How to make blueberries from sugar paste
How to make leaves from sugar paste
How to colour dust the blueberries and leaves
How to give your blueberry fruits and leaves a natural look (steaming and glazing)
How to form the branch
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by Georgiana Tamas
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My name is Georgiana Tamas from Cake My Day Bristol. I am a multiple awarded cake designer (on both wedding and celebration cakes), always focused on giving my best to create the most delicious cakes and desserts for my customers. My passion for crafting and painting has been with me since always, but I simply fell in love with sugar crafting: everything from making sugar flowers, foliage and beautiful flower sprays, to painting on cakes and bringing sugar figurines to life give me joy and make me feel that in fact, I create not only cakes and decorations but memories for a lifetime to my customers. It’s a continuous learning of new techniques and permanent exercise, but the outcome it’s so satisfactory. I want to share my passion and knowledge with you and give a hand to all of you who are at the beginning of the road or want to learn how to craft in sugar more complex flowers or figurines. Please find in me a support and a friend and join me in this beautiful journey. Thank you 🤗
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